Restructuring around Christmas

Restructuring around Christmas time – When is the right time?

Let’s face it, there is never a good time to make staff redundant. Unfortunately having to make business decisions for the wellbeing of the company does not stop just because it’s the festive season. As Directors, Executives or as part of the management team, you have to make these tough calls day in and day out regardless of the time of the year it is.


At Embodied Corporate Solutions, we have assisted many 

people who have been made redundant around this time of year – some before Christmas and some after. The discussions we have had may interest you on how they have felt after the event. The primary feedback is and always will be disappointment and often shock. There is a natural level of panic that sets in.


When coaching people that were made redundant after Christmas, they have surprisingly admitted that they would have preferred to have been redundant before Christmas. For the majority of the people we have had through our Career programs here is the feedback we have received:


  • I would have budgeted better and not gone overboard with presents

  • I wouldn't have taken that expensive holiday, racking up credit card debt

  • I would have used the time with family and friends to discuss my situation and gain the emotional support and guidance I needed

  • I would have taken the downtime of the festive season to seek new opportunities and clear my head ready to start the new year afresh

  • They felt that someone else made a judgment call on when the right time was for them to be made redundant, to ease their own personal guilt of the situation and that resulted in anger


I am not saying that if you are planning a company restructure to bring it forward, all I am doing is  sharing an insight into the data and feedback we have collated.


The most important thing about company restructuring is to ensure your exiting staff have access to a result based Career Outplacement program that will ensure they have all the support and guidance they need.


One other area to consider is the guilt factor (Employee Guilt) of the remaining staff members. When they know that their ex-colleagues are being looked after and have access to professional advice and guidance, they remain engaged and connected in the workplace.


If you have any concerns or need advice on company restructuring, please feel free to call me to discuss or email Naturally each scenario is unique to your business and your staff.


From the team at Embodied Corporate Solutions, we wish you all the success in 2018 and welcome the opportunity to be part of your ongoing success.